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Playlist >> May 27th 2017

Dimmu BorgirProgenies Of The Great Apocalypse Paul 
RevocationArbiters Of The Apocalypse Paul 
AgathodaimonIn Darkness (we Shall Be Reborn) Paul 
AcceptGuardian Of The Night[Request]   Paul 
BulletbeltDeathgasm[Request]   Paul 
EnslavedThurisaz Dreaming Paul 
Running WildUnder Jolly Roger Paul 
AlestormMexiconew CDPaul 
CarcassBlood Splattered Banner[Request]   Paul 
TherionPreludium / To Mega Therion[Request]   Paul 
Armored SaintRaising Fear[Request]   Paul 
NileThe Essential Salts[Request]   Paul 
Rapheumets WellEnders Doornew releasePaul 
Blind GuardianThe Curse Of Feanor[Request]   Paul 
Thy SerpentSleep In Oblivion Paul 
NevermoreInside Four Wallsfor my friend Peter A. Paul 
MelecheshGrand Gathas Of Baal Sin Paul 
CryptopsyDefenestrationplaying later todayPaul 
BenedictionAgonized[Request]   Paul 
Devin TownsendKingdom Paul 
DioI Speed At Night[Request]  r.i.p. DioPaul 
Amon AmarthFather Of The Wolf Paul 
Insomnium The Gale / Mortal Share Paul 
AmorphisPerkele (the God Of Fire) Paul 
PanteraMouth For War[Request]   Paul 
SatyriconK.i.n.g. Paul 
Ne ObliviscarisAnd Plague Flowers The Kaleidoscope Paul 
Dimmu BorgirPerfection Or Vanity Paul 

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