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Playlist >> March 25th 2017  (Paul flying solo during spring break at Tech)

SuidakraDowth 2059 Paul 
IhsahnMy Heart Is Of The North Paul 
ExmortusFor The Horde Paul 
Blind GuardianTime Stands Still (at The Iron Hill) (live)[Request]   Paul 
SlayerWar Ensemble Paul 
Morbid AngelSummoning Redemption[Request]  YTPaul 
DethklokGo Into The Water Paul 
InquisitionThrough The Divine Spirit Of Satan A Glorious Universe Is Known[Request]   Paul 
DeathEmpty Wordsunplanned -- but awesome -- segue there....Paul 
BorknagarSoul Sphere Paul 
GravewormBehind The Curtain Of Darkness Paul 
Morta SkuldBreathe In The BlacknewPaul 
Devin Townsend BandTriumph Paul 
ExmortusFoe Hammer[Request]  for the guy who really liked them the first time around....Paul 
AeternamDamascus Gatereally love this band, just discovered them...Paul 
Ex DeoThe Rise Of Hannibalalso newPaul 
Old Man's ChildThe Soul Receiver Paul 
Fear FactoryReplica Paul 
Omnium GatherumWrithen Paul 
NecrophagistFermented Offal Discharge Paul 
EquilibriumManaa good `deejay gets things done` song, a glorious 16-minute instrumental epicPaul 
Thy SerpentSleep In Oblivion Paul 
Lykathea AflameFlowering Entities Paul 
Impaled NazareneIn The Name Of Satan[Request]  45-second requestPaul 
Type O NegativeBlack No. 1[Request]  the usual on-the-fly editPaul 
ImmolationFostering The DividenewPaul 
HakenPareidolia[Request]  cool online request from MSPaul 
InsomniumEquivalence / Down With The Sun Paul 
ObituarySentence Day[Request]  for a guy who picked up the new album at the show last weekPaul 
MezarkabulWe Come From Nowhere / In Aesir Like An Eagle Paul 
Dimmu BorgirArcane Lifeforce Mysteriathe metal ending of the show...Paul 
Ozric TentaclesWhite Rhino Teathe other ending of the showPaul 

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