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Playlist >> February 18th 2017

Dimmu BorgirMasses For The New Messiah Paul 
Amon AmarthWar Of The Gods Paul 
Devin TownsendGreetings / Regulator[Request]   Paul 
SepulturaRoots Bloody Roots Paul 
TurisasTo Holmgard And Beyond Paul 
Type O NegativeBlood And Fire Paul 
DioRainbow In The Dark[Request]   Paul 
Black SabbathThe Wizard[Request]   Paul 
InsomniumDown With The Sun Paul 
CarcassCarbonized Eye Sockets  August 
MayhemPagan Fears August 
ImpaledDead Insideplayed by KyleAugust 
ArchgoatGrand Luciferian Theophanyplayed by KyleAugust 
SepulturaCrucifixionplayed by KyleAugust 
Power TripCrossbreaker[Request]   August 
DeicideDeicide August 
Blood IncantationChaoplasm  August 
ImmolationImmolationplayed by KyleAugust 
AkhlysTides Of Oneiric Darknessplayed by KyleAugust 
SanctuaryBattle Angels[Request]  played by KyleAugust 
Pig DestroyerScatology Homeworkplayed by KyleAugust 
BathoryBaptized In Fire And Ice happy birthday Quorthon August 
VenomWar Against Christ[Request]   August 
Black FuneralAnkou And The Death Fire[Request]  played by KyleAugust 
CandlemassGothic Stone/the Well Of Soulsplayed by KyleAugust 
Running WildPrisoner Of Our Time [Request]   August 
MegadethRust In Peace... Polaris [Request]   August 
Carach AngrenDeparture Towards A Nautical Curse August 
Black SabbathSwinging The Chain[Request]  played by KyleAugust 
AcceptFast As A Shark[Request]  played by KyleAugust 
White DeathWarpathplayed by KyleAugust 
Funeral CircleCorpus Of Dark Sorcery[Request]  played by KyleAugust 
IncantationBlasphemous Cremationplayed by KyleAugust 
Dark Funeral The Secrets Of The Black Artsplayed by KyleAugust 
The County Medical ExaminersMorganic Anatomicsplayed by KyleAugust 
General SurgeryThe Succulent Aftermath Of A Subdural Haemorrhage more carcass worship! August 
ImpetigoIntense Mortification August 
Demons And WizardsFiddler On The Green  August 
DismemberIntro + Pieces August 
EmperorInno A Satanagoodnight! August 

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