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Playlist >> September 23rd 2017

Black Crown InitiateGreat Mistake Paul 
Amon AmarthTwilight Of The Thunder God Paul 
OpethThe Baying Of The Hounds Paul 
BorknagarSoul Sphere Paul 
Devin TownsendKingdom[Request]   Paul 
Celtic FrostOs Abysmi Vel Daath[Request]   Paul 
Thy Darkened ShadeElixir Of Azazel Kyle 
Morbid AngelPain Divine Kyle 
InquisitionDarkness Flows Towards Unseen Horizonsamazing show Monday nightKyle 
Drowning The LightNosferatu Kyle 
SepulturaCrucifixion Kyle 
The HornSpell 66in-studio request from MattKyle 
Bell WitchMirror Reaper (excerpt)new album Mirror Reaper coming Oct 20Kyle 
CarcassExhume To Consume Kyle 
Blind GuardianTanelorn (into The Void) Kyle 
Dawn Ray'dA Colony Of Feversfor AugustKyle 
KreatorRipping Corpse Kyle 
Black MassBlack Mass[Request]  in-studio req. from MattPaul 
Ne ObliviscarisXenoflux Paul 
DeathLack Of Comprehension[Request]   Paul 
NocturnusLake Of Fire Kyle 
Black CobraSomnae Tenebrae[Request]   Kyle 
Cradle Of FilthThe Principle Of Evil Made Flesh Kyle 
Bolt ThrowerGraven Image Kyle 
BrujeriaColas De Rata Kyle 
RevengeHate Nomad Kyle 
Caladan BroodBook Of The FallenGoodnight!Kyle 

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