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Playlist >> November 18th 2017

Dan Swanoopening songPaul 
AllegaeonThe God Particle Paul 
Fear FactoryResurrection Paul 
Amon AmarthWar Of The Gods Paul 
KatatoniaForsaker[Request]   Paul 
BehemothConquer All Paul 
ImmortalIn My Kingdom Cold Paul 
Dark TranquillityMonochromatic Stains Paul 
ExhumedDefenders Of The Graveplaying here next weekAugust 
GhoulTomb After Tomb August 
Cemetery FilthConsumption Of Volitionplaying here next week with ExhumedAugust 
ConquerorAge Of Decimation August 
ImmolationFather, You're Not Father August 
HirsYØu Can't Kill Usqueercore band playing here in AprilAugust 
SlayerAngel Of Death[Request]   August 
Mercyful FateBlack Funeral[Request]   August 
ThouPill[Request]   August 
Morbid AngelImmortal Rites August 
Wolves In The Throne RoomThuja Magus Imperium[Request]   Kyle 
BloodAnd No One Cries Kyle 
IncantationExtinguishing Salvation Kyle 
Blood IncantationChaoplasmsee what I did there?Kyle 
Archgoat Unholy Semen Hammer Kyle 
CandlemassA Sorcerer's Pledge[Request]   Kyle 
BrujeriaColas De Rata Kyle 
Orgy Of CarrionRebirth Of Ancient Evil Kyle 
TetragrammacideCyberserking Strategic Kalpa-terminator Kyle 
DeicideMephistopholes August 
Brutal TruthDementia August 
DeathWithin The Mind[Request]   August 
Bolt ThrowerWorld Eater August 
Pig DestroyerThought Crime Spree August 
MacabreIs It Soup Yet? August 
TerrorizerFear Of Napalm August 
KamelotMarch Of Mephisto[Request]   Paul 
AmorphisTowards And Against Paul 
MelecheshLadders To Sumeria Paul 
BathoryHammerheartending song...see ya next week!Paul 

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