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Playlist >> August 19th 2017

Dimmu BorgirProgenies Of The Great Apocalypse Paul 
In FlamesOrdinary Story Paul 
Old Mans ChildAgonies Of Fallen Grace Paul 
KatatoniaWithout GodProgPower USA giveawayPaul 
BorknagarSoul Spheremaybe playing 70K cruise in February?....Paul 
DecapitatedImpulseticket giveawayPaul 
Dark TranquillityThe New Buildplaying later this yearPaul 
My Dying BrideKneel Till Doomsdayplaying MDF next yearKyle 
MisþyrmingSöngur Heiftaralso playing MDF next yearKyle 
TetragrammacideCyberserking Strategic Kalpa-terminatorfrom upcoming album Primal Incinerators of Moral MatrixKyle 
AngelcorpseChristhammer Kyle 
RavenRock Until You Dropticket giveawayKyle 
AkercockeSummon The Antichrist Kyle 
GorgutsEnemies Of Compassion Kyle 
BölzerThe Archerplaying here August 30Kyle 
King DiamondArrival[Request]  headlining Psycho Las Vegas this yearKyle 
Cannabis CorpseIn Dank Purityfrom upcoming album Left Hand PassKyle 
DeceasedShrieks From The Hearse August 
Kreator People Of The Lie August 
Rotten SoundBurden + Sell Your Soul August 
WeregoatAt Full Moon She Bleeds August 
ImmortalTyrants[Request]   August 
Dead In The DirtThe Pit Of Me August 
Ghost BathSilenceDo not play this band... this was for a ticket giveawayAugust 
AcheronLet Us Depart August 
Dawn Ray'dBlack ClothRIP Heather HeyerAugust 
County Medical ExaminersMaturating Decompositional Gas August 
AbsuPillars Of Mercy August 
SodomObsessed By Cruelty [Request]   August 
Voodoo KungfuThis Shore[Request]  Neat request!August 
Sickening HorrorChildren Of The Swamp[Request]   August 
EmperorThe Majesty Of The Night Skyin honor of the upcoming Solar Eclipse... Goodnight!Paul 

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