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Playlist >> January 20th 2018

Impaled NazareneBlood Is Thicker Than Water Kyle 
ObskuritatemGdje Tišina Vječno Vlada Kyle 
General SurgerySevere Catatonia In Pathology Kyle 
PanphageOdalmarkena Kyle 
ImmolationInto Everlasting Fire Kyle 
Primitive ManVictim Kyle 
MidnightEvil Like A Knife Kyle 
Spectral VoiceVisions Of Psychic Dismemberment Kyle 
CarnageInfestation Of Evil August 
Angel CorpseChristhammer August 
Discordance AxisAngel Present/the Necropolitan/pattern Blue August 
EntombedSupposed To Rot August 
DeicideDead By Dawn August 
Omnium GatherumSkyline[Request]   August 
IncantationUnholy Massacre August 
Insect WarfareHuman Trafficking/hydraphobia/mind Ripper August 
BloodPunishment August 
Assück Page By Page August 
Satanic WarmasterA Wolf Cries In Anger Kyle 
AkercockeFirst To Leave The Funeral Kyle 
BathoryForeverdark Woods Kyle 
PestilenceMulti Dimensionalfrom upcoming album HadeonKyle 
VenenumMerging Nebular Drapes Kyle 
PanopticonInto The North Woods Kyle 
MorticianEaten Alive By Maggots August 
IskraIllegal August 
SuffocationInfecting The Crypts August 
Blood IncantationHidden Species (vitrification Of Blood, Pt. 2) August 

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