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Playlist >> July 22nd 2017

DismemberDismembered August 
Cult Of Luna Mire Deep August 
Broken HopeEmbryonic Tri-clops August 
AtheistAnd The Psychic Saw August 
EntombedPremature Autopsy August 
Human RemainsChewed Up And Spit Out August 
ExhumedPostmortem Procedures August 
NailsIn Exodus August 
DeathTrapped In A Corner August 
Children Of BodomLake Bodom[Request]   August 
Black SabbathSweet Leaf[Request]   August 
Keep Of KalessinSpiritual Relief Paul 
Blind GuardianTanelorn (live)from new live releasePaul 
Lykathea AflameLand Where Sympathy Is Air Paul 
Brocas HelmDrink The Blood Of The Priest[Request]   Paul 
AlestormMexicoconfirmed for the 70K Tons metal cruise...should be fun...again!Paul 
Dimmu BorgirEradication Instincts Defined (live) (orchestral Vers.)from new live album Forces of the Northern NightPaul 
ObituarySlowly We Rot August 
Agathocles All Gone August 
VenomBuried Alive + Raise The Dead August 
AssückOctober Revolution + Procession + State To State August 
M.o.d.You're Beat August 
BloodCannibal Ritual August 
CarcassSwarming Vulgar Mass Of Infected Virulency August 
Demons And WizardsFiddler On The Green August 
DeceasedRobotic Village August 
KreatorPeople Of The Lie August 
Angel WitchAngel Witch August 
DragonforceOperation Ground And Poundticket giveawayPaul 
Novembers DoomPlague BirdnewPaul 
WatainThey Rode On[Request]   Paul 
Cradle Of FilthNymphetamine (overdose)[Request]   Paul 
Twilight ForceBattle Of Arcane Mightplaying later this year at PPUSAPaul 
InsomniumEphemeralfinally playing in Atlanta later this yearPaul 
Black CobraAvalanche[Request]   Paul 
WintersunThe Forest That Weeps (summer)just recently releasedPaul 
Blind GuardianThe Bard's Song (live)from new 22-track live releasePaul 

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