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Playlist >> June 6th 2006  (24 HOURS OF WREKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!)

SlayerHell Awaits (live)[Request]  Hell Awaits indeed... welcome to 24 hours of Wrekage!!!!!Greg 
NileRamses, Bringer Of War Greg 
Celtic FrostCircle Of The Tyrants Greg 
PanteraBy Demons Be Driven[Request]   Greg 
Vital RemainsRush Of Deliverance[Request]   Greg 
Blut Aus NordAxis Greg 
BehemothNephilim Rising[Request]   Greg 
Dimmu BorgirReptile Greg 
TherionWine Of Aluqah[Request]  email request/aim requestGreg 
MetallicaTrapped Under Ice[Request]  shout out to Blaze of The Souls UnrestGreg 
NecronomiconThe Threshhold[Request]   Greg 
EmperorCurse All You Men1 a.m. ... 23 hours to goGreg 
Acid BathPagan Love Song[Request]   Tim 
Rebel Meets Rebel Dimebag,vinny And David Allen CoeGet Outta My Life Tim 
Iron MaidenThe Trooper Tim 
Project HateAt The Entrance To Hells Unholy Fire[Request]   Tim 
Twisted SisterBurn In Hell[Request]   Tim 
VenomBlack Metal[Request]   Tim 
At The GatesSlaughter Of The Soul;[Request]   Tim 
Sacred ReichSurf Nicuruaga[Request]   Tim 
TestamentDemonic Possesion[Request]   Tim 
Morbid AngelGod Of Emptiness[Request]   Tim 
Judas PriestMetal Gods[Request]  2 a.m.Tim 
SlayerJesus Saves[Request]   Tim 
Gonkulator2nd War In Heaven[Request]   Tim 
Devil DriverI Dreamed I Died[Request]   Tim 
MastadonMarch Of The Fire Ants[Request]   Tim 
SepulturaArise[Request]   Tim 
Silent CivilianThe Song Remains Unnamed Tim 
OpethDemon Of The Fall[Request]   Tim 
BiohazardPunishment[Request]   Tim 
Stuck Mojo W Devin TownsendShout At The Devil[Request]   Tim 
ObituaryCause Of Death[Request]   Tim 
VenomBuried Alive[Request]   Tim 
DarkthroneThe Pagan Winter[Request]  3amTim 
SlayerTemptation[Request]   Tim 
Twisted SisterThe Beast[Request]   Tim 
Merciful FateThe Riperpriest coverTim 
My Dying BrideCatherine Blake[Request]  Vibrations Of Doom in the house. InjoyTim 
BloodbathYou Die From Resurrection Through Carnage[Request]  Vibrations Of Doom is in...Tim 
AbdullahSalamanderV.O.D. playing a great album from Meteor City RecordsTim 
BehemothDemigod[Request]  Requested by you maniacal fans!!! Steven says enjoy or die!!!Tim 
CandlemassCrystal Ball[Request]  Not quite the one, other song was too long...Tim 
PentagramReview Your ChoicesFrom the album of the same name. THE 1970's U.S doom bandTim 
MeshuggahFuture Breed Machine[Request]  Steven playing requests from killer bandsTim 
HawkWitches BurningFrom an 80's classic IN The archiveTim 
VoivodThe GetawayPromo spot from Snake hits off this NEW album! In stores in JulyTim 
Frostmoon EclipseWorld In RuinBlack metal from Italy, they thanked V.O.D. in the liner notes (4 AM time!)Tim 
AgallochBloodbirdsBRAND NEW Agalloch, not in stores until August! A V.O.D. ExclusiveTim 
Scar SymmetryThe Illusionist[Request]  Requested by rabid maniacal brethren! V.O.D keeps 'em coming!Tim 
ForefatherFor These ShoresEnglish Heathen Metal from, well, England! A V.O.D. favoriteTim 
Church Of MiseryRoad To RuinThe Japanese doom metal version of Macabre! V.O.D. doom for the (m)asses!Tim 
LegendThe DestroyerALL the way from 1979, a $2,000 record from the V.O.D. classic albums sectionTim 
ZoetropeDetentionFrom 80's album "A Life Of Crime." NOT in the WREKage archives, but IN The V.O.D. vaults!!Tim 
Morbid AngelMaze Of Torment[Request]  Classic album from the Chapel Of Ghouls! All hail the Lord of fevers and plagues!!!!!Tim 
Dream EvilM.o.m. (man Or Mouse)From The album "The Book Of Heavy Metal" (WHY isn't this great album in the WREK archives?)Tim 
Traitors GateDevil Takes The High Roadsickenly expensive three track EP in the V.O.D. classic albums section!Tim 
MelecheshAnnunaki's Golden ThronesFrom masterful "Sphynx" a band playing live in Minnesota1 VERY SOON!! (5 AM song!)Tim 
Junkyard Willie--------Some lame DOOM RADIO promo spotTim 
AshburyEndless SkiesNot quite metal, but a nice ending track with a cool heavy ending. From the V.O.D. archives... Thanks guys!Tim 
EmperorYe EntrancempiriumNow it's automated Sean from Ground:ZeroTim 
The Project HateThe Divine Burning Of Angels Tim 
Strong BadCreeping Rusty MeatThe Heart AND Soul of all death metal!!!Tim 
GoatwhoreNocturnal HolocaustSean from Ground:Xero playing BREWdal shtuff!Tim 
HypocrisyFractured MilleniumOne of Sean's favorite bandsTim 
Sean And The Ground:xero Instrumentation CrewBambi IiA nice movie trailer!Tim 
November's DoomShadows Of LightSean and I agree: AWESOME performance At the Heathen Crusade Festival in January!Tim 
Sean MorriseyDj Spot For Ya (automated!0 Tim 
Dimmu BorgirBurn In HellSean's playlist nearly coming to an endTim 
Ground:xeroDepartureA Lawrenceville/local Atlanta legend! (Sean Morrisey's band, of course, shameless self promotion!)Tim 
DragonforceOperation Ground And Poundnew albumMike 
HatebreedPerserverancecut short..Mike 
Iron MaidenThe Number Of The Beast06:06:06!!!Mike 
DisfearPowerload[Request]  for hollyMike 
BeatlesHelter Skelter1968Mike 
Jimi HendrixCome On (let The Good Times Roll) Mike 
Led ZeppelinCommunication Breakdown1969Mike 
King Crimson21st Century Schizoid Man Mike 
Led ZeppelinWhole Lotta Love Mike 
Black SabbathN.i.b. (nativity In Black)1970Mike 
Led ZeppelinImmigrant Song Mike 
Deep PurpleSpeed King Mike 
Black SabbathParanoid(7am)Mike 
Black SabbathSweet Leaf1971Mike 
Deep PurpleHighway Star1972Mike 
Black SabbathSt. Vitus Dance Mike 
The StoogesSearch And Destroy1973Mike 
Black SabbathKilling Yourself To Live Mike 
Black SabbathHole In The Sky1975Mike 
Judas PriestThe Ripper1976Mike 
MastodonEmerald(Thin Lizzy)Mike 
Judas PriestHell Bent For Leather1978Mike 
Judas PriestRapid Fire1980 (8am)Mike 
Iron MaidenTransylvania Mike 
Iron MaidenWrathchild1981Mike 
Black FlagRise Above Mike 
Diamond HeadAm I Evil Mike 
VenomBlood Lust1982Mike 
MisfitsAll Hell Breaks Loose Mike 
MisfitsVampira Mike 
Mercyful FateBlack Funeralthe King!!Mike 
MetallicaRide The Lightning1984Mike 
Mercyful FateCome To The Sabbath(9am)Mike 
BathorySacrifice Mike 
MegadethWake Up Dead1986Mike 
MetallicaMaster Of Puppetsshort editMike 
SlayerNecrophobic Mike 
VoivodMacrosolutions To Megaproblems1988Mike 
ObituaryGates To Hell1989Mike 
Morbid AngelVisions From The Dark Side Mike 
AtheistPiece Of Time1990Mike 
EmperorBeyond The Great Vast Forest1994Mike 
DeathTrapped In A Corner1993Mike 
SireniaMeridianBegin 10am hourAlex 
CryptopsyCrown Of Thorns Alex 
MoonspellLuna Alex 
BorknagarSvartskogs Gilde Alex 
AmorphisBlack Winter Day Alex 
DecapitatedSpheres Of Madness Alex 
Dan SwanoSun Of The Night Alex 
Cradle Of FilthIntro + Better To Reign In Hell Alex 
VintersorgA Dialog With The Stars Alex 
GorgorothIncipit Satan?11amAlex 
HypocrisyWar-path Alex 
OppressorAnd The Angel Fell Alex 
SatyriconAngstridden Alex 
Cannibal CorpseFrom Skin To Liquid Alex 
Old Man's ChildThe Plague Of Sorrow Alex 
AvengerReturn Of Apocalypse Alex 
CovenantBringer Of The Sixth Sun Alex 
Dimmu BorgirBlazing Monoliths Of DefianceMy FavoriteAlex 
NileCast Down The Hereitc Alex 
OpethIn Mist She Was Standing Alex 
AnthraxBelly Of The Beast[Request]  noonBoB 
SepulturaHungry BoB 
Storm Troopers Of DeathSeasoning The Obese[Request]  ?BoB 
Chris PolandRow Of Cows BoB 
VoivodSub-effect BoB 
CoronerFried Alive BoB 
AnnihilatorWord Salad BoB 
ByzantineRat Eaters BoB 
Mr BungleSqueeze Me Macaronifrom the OU818 demoBoB 
CovenMcdonaldland Massacre[Request]  ?BoB 
Flotsam & JetsumFork Boy BoB 
PanteraThe Art Of Shredding cheeze?~1pmBoB 
MegadethHook In Mouth BoB 
DestructionRavenous Beast BoB 
PestilenceDehydrated BoB 
Apocalyptic VisionsBonecleaner[Request]  playing 6/6/6 @ SwayzesBoB 
SlayerPiece By Piece[Request]   BoB 
TankardDie With A Beer In Your Hand BoB 
Laaz RockitFire In The Holewrapping up lunch...
for my CounterStrike victims
In FlamesEpisode 666Happy 6.6.06BoB 
BucketheadBedlam's Bluff BoB 
HematovoreOne Unit, Whole Blood BoB 
SadusThrough The Eyes Of Greed BoB 
Faith No MoreUgly In The Morning BoB 
FantomasPage 21 BoB 
Ender's GameSplintered And Brokenplaying June 17th @ DarksideBoB 
Ender's GameStand Alonealso playing June 17thBoB 
Locus FactorThe Beggar's Sin ~ 2pmBoB 
CovenSatanic As Hell[Request]   BoB 
The Knife TradeMortification Under Scarlet Skies BoB 
GnosticCorrosive[Request]   BoB 
AtheistUnquestionable Presence[Request]   BoB 
ManicTest Of Time[Request]   BoB 
Lamb Of GodThe Faded Line[Request]   BoB 
GwarHam On The Bone[Request]   BoB 
Suicidal TendenciesGet Whacked[Request]   BoB 
Apocalyptic VisionsBastard Son Of Nazareth[Request]  playing Swayzes tonight!BoB 
DriWorker Bee[Request]  requested to Bob's colonBoB 
Corrosion Of ConformityMine Are The Eyes Of God[Request]   BoB 
PossessedBeasts Of The Apocalypse[Request]   BoB 
Shadows FallOf One Blood3pmBoB 
KreatorComa Of Souls BoB 
Enders GameThe Powers That Bleed[Request]  collosal t-shirt giveaway - show on 17thBoB 
AnnihilatorHuman Insecticide1989 album 'Alice in Hell'BoB 
AnnihilatorLoving The Sinner BoB 
Hallows EveGoblets Of Gore[Request]   BoB 
AtheistMineral[Request]   BoB 
DeicideLunatic Of God's Creation[Request]   Greg 
Arch EnemyLament Of A Mortal Soul[Request]  one of the few good Angela tracksGreg 
Iced EarthDamien[Request]  happy birthday Damien!Greg 
CynicVeil Of Maya[Request]   Greg 
FinntrollEliytres[Request]  4 p.m.Greg 
IhsahnCitizen[Request]  new album "The Adversary"Greg 
SepulturaTroops Of Doom[Request]   Greg 
TartarosInto The Faculty Of Wonderful Secrets[Request]   Greg 
Darkest HourA Blesing In Tragedy[Request]   Greg 
GorgutsThe Erosion Of Sanity[Request]   Greg 
CarcassReek Of Putrefaction[Request]   Greg 
Brutal TruthThe Choice Of A New Generation[Request]   Greg 
CryptopsyLuminum / In The Kingdom Where Everything Dies, The Sky Is Mortal[Request]   Greg 
Leng Tch'eRemote Controlled / Glamourgirl Concubine[Request]  for Ho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yGreg 
The CrownDevil Gate Ride[Request]   Greg 
Dark TranquillityPunish My Heaven[Request]   Greg 
AutopsySevered Survival[Request]   Greg 
In FlamesWorlds Within The Margin[Request]  5 p.m.Greg 
ArsisThe Promise Of Never[Request]   Greg 
BloodbathOutnumbering The Day[Request]   Greg 
NecrophagistCulinary Hyperversity[Request]   Greg 
OpethReverie / Harlequin Forest[Request]   Greg 
MnemicJack Vegas[Request]   Greg 
SlayerSouth Of Heaven[Request]  slayer request #23789613945693613 of the dayGreg 
Cephalic CarnageDying Will Be The Death Of Me[Request]   Greg 
MeshuggahNew Millenium Cyanide Christ[Request]   Greg 
Anal CuntAmerican Woman[Request]   Greg 
Sex MachinegunsTrack 9[Request]  japanese power metal fom guest WREK op JohnGreg 
Pig DestroyerSheet Metal Girl[Request]   Greg 
Iron MaidenThe Number Of The Beast[Request]  at 6:06:06!Paul 
Dimmu BorgirProgenies Of The Great Apocalypse[Request]   Paul 
In FlamesBehind Space '99[Request]   Paul 
DragonforceRevolution Deathsquad[Request]  from the new CD, Inhuman RampagePaul 
Fear FactoryResurrectionone of my all-time favesPaul 
BathoryEquimanthorn[Request]   Paul 
Children Of BodomSilent Night, Bodom Night (live)[Request]   Paul 
Cradle Of FilthCruelty Brought Thee Orchids[Request]  a 'compromise' CoF choice, since we had several requestsPaul 
MastodonMegalodon[Request]   Paul 
ManowarKings Of Metal[Request]  Guiness-certified Loudest Band On EarthPaul 
BloodbathOutnumbering The Day[Request]   Paul 
MoonspellIn And Above Men7pm. Going back to the Antidote CD for this onePaul 
GravewormDreaded Time / Unhallowed By The Infernal Oneseems oddly appropriate for today.....Paul 
Nocturnal RitesStill Alive[Request]  email requestPaul 
Old Man's ChildThe Soul Receiver Paul 
Darkest HourPayphones And Pills[Request]   Paul 
CrowpathChildren Of Boredom[Request]  from new CDPaul 
DanzigTwist Of Cain[Request]   Paul 
No ReturnMachinery[Request]   Paul 
Old Man GloomThe Volcano[Request]  ?8 pmPaul 
CarcassReek Of Putrefaction[Request]   Paul 
SlayerJihad[Request]  new CD is ot today, 6/6/6Paul 
ArcturusKinetic[Request]   Paul 
Devin TownsendGreetings / Regulatorfrom my fave CD of all timePaul 
YetiNiflheimunsigned friends' band from Fla.Paul 
Tad MoroseAnubisfor a change of pacePaul 
SlayerCult (radio Vers.)[Request]  from the forthcoming CDPaul 
Control DeniedConsumed Paul 
AyreonDay Three: Painnumerous outstanding talents involved in these CDsPaul 
Type O NegativeBlack No. 1 (little Miss Scare-all)[Request]   Paul 
The MisfitsHybrid Moments[Request]  ?~ 9pmMitch 
MortificationWelcome To The Palodromea little irony: Christian metal on 666Mitch 
OriginOrigin[Request]   Mitch 
DeathBite The Pain[Request]  ?part of the "awesome solo" seriesMitch 
NileKheftiu Asar Butchiupart of "awesome solo" seriesMitch 
ExhumedDecrepit Cresendo[Request]   Mitch 
Scar SymmetryCalculate The Apocalypse[Request]   Mitch 
NecrophagistFermented Offal Discharge[Request]  part of "awesome solo" seriesMitch 
BenightedSex-addictedawesome french bandMitch 
Morbid AngelChapel Of Ghouls[Request]   Mitch 
AnataReleased When You Are Dead Mitch 
The SwordBarael's Blade Mitch 
SinisterEnslave The Weakwaiting for From Exile (~ 10pm)Mitch 
ExtolTime Stands Stillstill waiting for From Exile... patience is a virtueMitch 
GorgutsHideous Infirmity[Request]   Mitch 
From Exile(live Performance)Live@WREK... Local Atlanta BandMitch 
Cannibal CorpseMurder Worshipnew album (~11 pm)Mitch 
EnslavedPath To Vanir[Request]  request for good black metalMitch 
Iron MaidenMoonchild[Request]  Multitude of requests for Iron MaidenMitch 
High On FireDevilution Mitch 
BurzumWar[Request]   Mitch 
SoilworkSong Of The Damned[Request]   Mitch 
Porcupine TreeShallow[Request]   Mitch 
ExodusKarma's Messenger[Request]   Mitch 
Pain Of SalvationIdioglossia Mitch 
Dream TheaterAs I AmContinue the cheeseMitch 
CryptopsyThe End Mitch 
CryptopsyOpen Face SurgeryThanks for listeningMitch 

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